East Arnhem Regional Council strives to be a nationally recognised employer of choice. In its’ short history, the Council has been recognised for its commitment to Training Excellence and dedication to improve the opportunities for Indigenous Training and Employment.  

‘Dedicated to promoting the power of people, protection of community and respect for cultural diversity’, East Arnhem Regional Council is committed to providing a long lasting impact to the people of East Arnhem through quality programs, services and employment. 

East Arnhem Regional Council operates under the East Arnhem Regional Council Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020. All Employment Benefits and Conditions are detailed in the Agreement.   

Take the time to read this useful resource on working remotely and being Remote Ready.


Council provides a positive and supportive working environment which values cultural and physical diversity.

East Arnhem Regional Council is led by key values and principles as an integral part of all operations;

Human Rights

Work confidence

Employee development

East Arnhem Regional Council sees Employee Development as a participative two way process which aims to contribute to individual, team, work unit and organisational outcomes. The Council recognises the values of facilitating training and development of all employees and seeks to create a ‘Learning Organisation’, defined as “one in which all people, individually and collectively, are continually increasing their capacity to produce results they really care about”.

For further information on Employee Development, such as $1000 per annum towards professional development and up to 5 hours per week Study Leave entitlements, please refer to the East Arnhem Regional Council Enterprise Agreement 2016-2020.

Financial benefits

East Arnhem Regional Council provides a number of incentives to attract the right people to the right job. To help you build a secure future we offer:

  • competitive salaries including annual increments * 
  • 6 weeks annual leave after completion of 12 months continuous services
  • subsidised housing in communities *
  • salary sacrifice options * 
  • Locality Allowance *
  • 17.5% annual leave loading
  • 76 hours personal leave accrued per year 
  • Cultural Leave benefits
  • professional development
  • uniforms
  • reasonable adjustment for people with disabilities
  • relocation allowances

* Conditions apply