Funding to assist communities with improved communications

Funding to assist communities with improved communications

East Arnhem Regional Council communities will continue to see strong benefits through the Federal Government’s Indigenous Advancement Strategy funding, with Council recently signing off on a 3 year, $12.8mil grant.Funding under this grant will support the ongoing delivery of our essential programs in Youth, Sport and Recreation, remote indigenous broadcasting, and the Night Patrol service. As part of the wider agreement, Council was also successful in securing funding for the installation of community announcement systems in three East Arnhem communities.

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Bright Lights, Safe Nights

All nine communities of East Arnhem Shire Council have benefitted from the installation of hundreds of new energy efficient street lights that are cheaper to operate and ensure communities are adequately lit at night.

With the help of a Federal Government grant worth close to $200,000, East Arnhem Shire Council has undertaken a street light replacement project in nine remote Indigenous communities in Arnhem Land. 

East Arnhem Shire Council Acting CEO Mr Kerry Whiting said the Street Lighting Project, affectionately known as 'Bright Lights, Safe Nights' was borne out of a desire by the community of Umbakumba to provide a safe place at night for all residents.

"Umbakumba had only 6 lights functioning street lights in the whole community, with this issue pre-dating Shire Council days" said Mr Whiting.

"Umbakumba now has 39 functioning street lights.

"East Arnhem Shire Council have now, not only secured funding, but have also rolled the program out in entirety to each East Arnhem community" Mr Whiting said.

The project, funded by the Government’s Community Energy Efficiency Grants Program (CEEP), involved replacing 509 inefficient mercury vapour street lights with energy efficient LED street lights.

It will help East Arnhem Shire Council substantially reduce its energy consumption and save the council an estimated $25,000 per year.