Galiwin'ku students get digital with IDX Flint program

East Arnhem Regional Council was successful in our application to the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence to bring its IDX Flint program to Galiwin'ku!

Conducted from the 18 - 23 June, the IDX Flint program was delivered to school students from Shepherdson College, and provided valuable facilitator training and education to Council's Youth, Sport & Recreation team prior to the workshops.

The workshop sessions up-skilled the YSR Team in the digital technology they'd be working with the IDX Team on the next day, providing them with skills and confidence to facilitate the programs with school children.

Following the staff workshop, the remaining three days were spent sparking the interest, ideas and talents of Shepherdson College students in the areas of:

  • 3D Printing
  • Drones
  • Ozobos
  • Lego Mindstorm Ev3
  • VR Goggles

To further add to the exceptional experience of this program. IDX has provided $10 000 of educational resources and equipment so that all communities across East Arnhem Land can experience the program. Council will now have access to:

  • 1 Drone
  • 18 Ozobots
  • 8 Lego Mindstorm Ev3 Kits

Infoxchange also assisted during the week, running education sessions with the community's aged care clients on how to use internet, leaving behind 6 Pendo Tablets which can be used with the Lego Mindstrom Ev3 Kits.

East Arnhem Regional Council is committed to promoting and delivering new learning and digital literacy programs within our communities, and IDX Flint enabled Council to not only develop our workforce, but allow youth to learn and engage in digital literacy in a fun environment. Check out all the photos below!