Planting gets underway in Gapuwiyak

Planting of 563 native trees and bushes is underway as a result of a community wide partnership, which saw seedlings do 'time' at the Darwin Correctional Centre before being transported along the Central Arnhem Highway to Gapuiwyak.

East Arnhem Shire Council, through Keep Australia Beautiful, purchased native seedlings, which were then reared by inmates studying horticulture at the Darwin Correctional Centre.

The EASC Shire Services Manager for Gapuiwyak Richard Fitowski said it has been a positive result not only for the community, but also for inmates of whom some were from Gapuwiyak, "They are able to learn new skills that will see a direct positive contribution back into their community".

Starting this week at the bare and dusty community oval, and carrying on until Christmas, the plants will be place throughout Gapuwiyak with the support of the CDEP participants, CEA and Indigenous Community Volunteers.

The flow on benefits to Gapuwiyak is native trees that will offer shade, bush tucker, traditional remedies & uses, aroma and enticement of native animals.