The primary role of the Council is to act as a representative, informed and responsible decision maker in the interest of its constituency; exercising and carrying out the powers and functions of local government assigned to the Council under the Local Government Act (NT) 2008.

East Arnhem Regional Council is governed by a democratically elected 14 Member Council representing the 6 Wards of East Arnhem Regional Council.

The Role of Your Elected Members is to:

  • Represent the interest of all residents and rate-payers of the council area;

  • Provide leadership and guidance;

  • Facilitate communication between the members of the council’s constituency and the council;

  • Participate in the deliberations of the council and its community activities; and

  • Ensure as far as practical, that the council acts honestly, efficiently and appropriately in carrying out its statutory obligations.

The Positions of President and Deputy President are appointed by Council. The position of President is appointed for a period of 4 years, while the position of Deputy President is appointed on a 2 year rotation, a decision resolved  by Council at a meeting on 11 April 2012.

Following the 2017 NT Council Elections, East Arnhem Regional Council held the inaugural Council Meeting of the newly elected Council on Monday 11 September where Councillor Banambi Wunungmurra (Gumurr Miwatj Ward) was re-elected as President of East Arnhem Regional Council. Councillor Kaye Thurlow of Gumurr Marthakal Ward was elected as Deputy President.

In February 2019 a By-Election was called to replace the positions vacated Gumurr Miwatj Ward Councillors B Mununggurr and B Wunungmurra. This By-Election resulted the declaration of Djuwalpi 1 Marika and Yirrmal Marika as being duly elected to the two vacant positions of the Gumurr Miwatj Ward.

During the Ordinary Council Meeting held on the 27 March 2019, Cr Kaye Thurlow was appointed to the position of President and Cr Djuwalpi Marika as Deputy President. Both Councillors will hold these positions until the 2021 NT Council Elections.

Wards & councillors