EARC welcomes new Deputy President

On 26 November 2014, East Arnhem Regional Council Councillors voted unanimously to appoint Councillor Gawura Wanambi as Deputy President, East Arnhem Regional Council.

Elected as a Councillor in the 2012 NT Shire Council election in the Gumurr Miyarrka Ward, Deputy President Gawura Wanambi is serving his first term in Council and first term as the Deputy President.

Deputy President Wanambi was born in the Arnhem Bay area, an area established long before Gapuwiyak was formed. Gawura is a member of the Marraŋu Clan and his homeland is Raymaŋirr.

During the Ordinary Council Meeting on 11 April 2012 Council resolved to approve a 2 year rotation of the Deputy President role, which would be applied for the period of the the current Council Term (at the time 2012 - 2016). Gumurr Marthakal Ward Councillor Mavis Daŋanbarr was the first Councillor to be elected as Deputy President during this term.

Council President Wunungmurra welcomes the appointment of Deputy President Wanambi, recognising Councillor Duŋanbarr for her achievements.

“Councillor Duŋanbarr has represented Council and her people with the highest integrity and dedication during her time as Deputy President. Her contribution was often above the call of duty, an exceptional Deputy, leader, and individual.

I thank her for her work whilst Deputy President, and look forward to working alongside her in Council as she continues to represent and advocate for the people of the Marthakal Ward” said President Wunungmurra.

Newly elected Deputy President Wanambi has hit the ground running.

“I am honoured and excited to be taking on this role. The recognition by my fellow Councillors is humbling, and I look forward to continuing the hard work of my predecessor. This is a proud moment not only for myself, but for my people” Deputy President Wanambi said.

Mr Wanambi continued, “My commitment to advocating and improving services in Gapuwiyak will stay strong, at the same time working for all of our people in East Arnhem Land. I look forward to working alongside President Wunungmurra - together we can achieve great things”.

Mr Wanambi is a father of 4, and grandfather of 3. A full biography is attached to this release

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Chief Executive Officer - John Japp, 08 8986 8904
Public Relations Coordinator - Katherine Hollis, 0457 518 772

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