Employing 43 people throughout the region, East Arnhem Regional Council is responsible for the coordination and delivery of Community Patrol Services in all of the nine East Arnhem communities.

As the provider of the service, EARC works to develop and maintain service level agreements & partnerships between NT Department of Health (DoH), Gove District Hospital, Community Clinics, Sobering Up Shelters (SUS) and Patrollers.

There is a need for culturally appropriate assistance to Indigenous people at risk of either causing harm or being harmed, including intoxicated people, people under the influence of substances, young people, victims of violence and the homeless.

Outcomes of the Community Patrol Service is firstly and foremost - community safety. All individuals have a right to be safe in their Community.  

The EARC Community Patrol Services assists communities to take responsibly to prevent anti-social, harmful, destructive and illegal behaviour by offering Community patrolling and safe transport to protect vulnerable people.

The activities undertaken be the Community Patrol Teams include:

  • relocating people to a 'safe', environment such as a relative's home, recognised safe house, woman's refuge, sobering-up shelter or other medical facility
  • diffusing violent situations where it is safe to do so
  • diverting intoxicated people away from contact with the criminal justice system, and
  • providing advice, information or referral, for instance to a counselling service.

Proudly funded by the Australian Government Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Sobering Up Shelter (SUS) - Nhulunbuy

East Arnhem Regional Council runs a Sobering-Up-Shelter (SUS) in Nhulunbuy, assisting the Community Patrol team by helping clients who are intoxicated and a threat to the Community and/or themselves.

The Sobering-Up-Shelter operates under the philosophy of harm minimisation. This approach aims to reduce the adverse health, social and economic consequence of drug and alcohol abuse by minimising the harmful effects to both the Community and the individual without necessarily eliminating use.

Sobering-Up-Shelter is funded by the NT Department of Health.