Citizenship ceremonies fulfil legal requirements prescribed by the Australian Citizenship Act 2007 and the Australian Citizenship Regulations 2007. Ceremonies are conducted under the authority of the Australian Government minister responsible for Citizenship matters.

The role of the Council is to conduct the Citizenship Ceremonies and is not a point of contact for those wishing to apply for Australian Citizenship.

To become and Australian Citizen you will need to contact the Department of Immigration & Citizenship on Information Line 131880, or visit the website

Citizenship Ceremonies in East Arnhem

East Arnhem Regional Council conducts Citizenship Ceremonies concurrently with Council Meetings in communities within our local government area for those that have been granted Citizenship. Attending a Citizenship Ceremony and making the Pledge of Commitment is the final legal requirement to become an Australian Citizen.

At times, EARC may be able to offer 'on-off' ceremonies when our President and CEO have scheduled community visits for other business. 

To register your interest for a one-off ceremony, or for further information contact Ineke Wallis, Governance & Executive Support Manager on (08) 8986 8986 or email

Upcoming Citizenship Ceremony dates